Lego Creations in Real Life Compared to an iPad (buildings, nature etc.) [OFFICIAL]




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So umm this is where I can put my ■■■■■ Star?

Too bored to take actual good pictures of it.


Fun fact, it’s a rerun of the same set with 1 extra piece


That’s right! With the LEGO Brick remover, right?


Sounds about right I don’t know the particulars

1.5k monies lol too much would totally buy an iPhone or iPad Pro or smth


That’s wicked expensive :o
Apparently there’s a huge waiting list for it or something
It’s some pretty intense stuff!

Yeah, I’m out of likems again :/
Except for that one I just got


I’m surprised actually who would buy it? Lol


I know right!
It’s some seriously crazy stuff

I’ve seen one in the store, though, it’s truly majestic


If I had $1500 I would buy a really nice chair


:joy: Exactly, because then you could use it. You can buy a lot of nice things with that

Idk, what if the stores hired people to build the falcon to display in the store? I’d be down for that. Although it probably won’t happen. Oh well