Lego Creations in Real Life Compared to an iPad (buildings, nature etc.) [OFFICIAL]



Hi! This is a topic where you compare Lego creations with simulations of Lego creations in Hopscotch.

Or mainly just post your Lego creations.


If you’re nice, put this code in your about me or topic or something.

<a href=>![image|335x250](upload://A08CiymsLzTOIHRibgp7eDabyNB.jpeg)</a>

It should look like this:


Thank you, this is a must have Topic :joy:

No idea why this wasn’t made before

First posto good things are coming

This is also a wiki


Ah, yes, I remember @Lego

Here’s some stuff:

I didnthe first 2 pics over Christmas, and the movie theater was like 5 years ago

Don’t mind the junk on my desk :joy:


heck copycat meow aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh


Recent things. Image leads to my MOCPages account.



Dude this topic is gonna be more popular than the drawing :joy:

How many of these are out there:
Trail Art


Woah you have the UCS snowspeeder.

I want the Falcon more but eh. I have the play scale one.

I actually got it for like half price.


@Petrichor btw I have already created a similar topic: Crafts Made of Clay, Paper, Lego etc Compared to Shape Art on HS, Assembly, and other tools


I know.


are you secretly Bob Ross?
this is amazhang (quoting @Kayro)


Dude that new falcon one is crazy huge. The biggest lego set in the world. That’d be an epic project, it’s so huge


Fun with lighting


What do you think about this?

How’s the position of the barrels? How’s the light?


Dude that’s neato :ok_hand:
I tried to do something like that, let me find it


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It’s jyrhtghergfewfewgthtykthtyherswwqmhtktukyujytyjkms



If anyone makes a tide pod out of Lego that’d be amazing


it’s amazing how you voted “yes” and closed the poll


you even didn’t let me to vote “yes”


Hehe sorry.

I’ll open it real quick.