Lego coding group


Hi. I’m panthera(DragonOfDarkness) and I really like legos. It’s more of an obsession.

I’m trying to find other lego fans cough cough @NindroidGames cough cough to collaborate with and recreate one of the many lego games out there.

If you are interested, fill out this form

do you like legos?
What is your HS username(or do you want to help from the forum only)

I will add you in to this folder here if you are in for ease of tagging.

List of peeps in this

And finally, @OMTL @POMTL

Panthera OUT!


Do you like Legos? No, I just keep the 200 + Lego sets for decoration. I mean really I don’t think I like them especially since they also have Star Wars stuff. YES I LOVES THEM

I would rather help out on the forum. But if u need my HS username it’s Kayro.


I loveeeee legosssss.
I have an entire LEGO empire!
Half of my money is spent in legosss
I love ninjagoooo

Forum help. I don’t have hopscotch anymore


@Panthera I am working on a lego-themed project right now


I love Legos. My profile picture is a Lego creation I made for a game I beta test for. I think I’ve got about… 10,000 Legos, give or take?

(The picture doesn’t even show the city, which is to the left and only half built).


do you like legos? Yes!!!
my hopscotch username is giraffe88 :sparkles: (but i’d like to just help on the forum if that’s ok)

List of peeps in this


The username is lego coding group

I hid the password somewhere in the folder…

It’s better to copy-paste it in then paste it down somewhere else too.


Correction, i have at least 700+ sets of legos. And have ranted about how the “Lego Friends” has become really not good.


Um, yeah. It’s awful now. I have the cafe and bakery from it


The only reason I’d ever get one is for the pieces


Yeh. When it came out, my parents thought I’d like it.

(Also, do you like the new ninjago uniforms?)


Eh. They’re ok. I actually prefer zx/whatsitcalled


I don’t like them. I miss the old ones :,(


Me when I saw the new sets for freinds,
Ok so look this one has Mia, Emma and WHO THE HECK IS THAT. That isn’t Olivia. You can’t just change a person’s skin color. What the heck did they do with her hair! Ok so they can make a new hair piece for Olivia but they can’t make a hair piece for JYN