Legit Music Club!



Hello! This is the #legitmusicclub and you can join by just editing your name and what kind of music you listen to at the end of this post. I'll put it on global edit so you can.

The point of this club is to promote music everywhere.
You can post music from the Internet, make music in hopscotch and post it here.
Please don't post music ther has swear words because it might get flagged.

I will be posting challenges! So brace yourselves guys! This weeks challenge is----------down in a post.


Houseelf87- pop
Mandy- Rock/Pop/Indie
@Gobli09 - Classical
laser_eyed_puppy - pop
@LavenderArts - pop, classical, ragtime, country
@PIANOMAN- dance/electronic, Lindsey Stirling, Sometimes pop and classical
@SHAMROCKCAT - pop, classical, funk
@Currency5097193 - kpop, rap (not all rap tho) mostly kpop

Request a custom group in the forum [Closed]

Looks like nobody likes music anymore....... ;o;


Is it okay that I tagged myself?


Defiantly ok!
Well, I wanted to say I will be posting challenges!
EDIT- weekly challenges


This weeks challenge will end on 20th of May! It is....

You have to make a remake of....

Legit Tag List!



dasso legit man


Submit your projects today!

Legit Tag List!


Remember the Harry potter theme song?


Do you mean that they should do it at hopscotch? If so, it's pretty cool.


Yes. Isn't that kind of...... Obvious?




Sorry I can't do this challenge. Can I do the next challenge? Don't shout at me, but I've not heard the theme song.


I'm afraid I started the challenge but never finished. Sorry.

Legit Tag List!


The next challenge is you have go make your own song only with the sound effects in HS.


@BB-Box d you wanna join?


Maybe, I gonna think about it.


Can I join? :D


Yes, of course! Just put your name in the first post, and then you can participate in this challenge!

Legit Tag List!


New member, LavenderArts!
Everybody, are you doing the challenge? Pls reply!


I like many kinds of music—
They all soothe me..


I'll do it this time, I'm on summer break now so I should have lots of free time!