Legends of Zelda Hopscotch game series



Hello people of the forum.
I recently had the idea for a series of games about Legends of Zelda made from shapes. The games its self would be fairly simple, but be deep in plot. Since I’m not the best coder, I decided to get help from here. I will not be posting things about the story, but about the code. Anyone can help and give input, and everyone that helps will get credit on the finished game.
I will give more details if people decide to help, and feel free to ask any questions.

Thank you for reading this.

(I didn’t know where to put this so I hope collabs, requests, and competitions works.)


(Sorry if you were tagged twice.)


I’ll help as much as I can


I made a Zelda game once I’ll post a link


Thank you. I will post a glitch I found once I am on my phone. (It’s a glitch probably easily fixed by more experienced coders. :P)


Ok thanks.


Alright I gotcha. I’ll try my best. Sometimes it’s hard to explain through here but I can try


Here is the link


Hey I remember that game! It was really good


I remember seeing that project on featured. It was very cool! I like the scene changes.


From what I see my game will be pretty different (so don’t worry about me copying) but thanks for the help and inspiration!

(sorry if that came off as rude)


I am excited to see how this turns out, because I love Zelda games


I took down the link…that project was trash…just like my playing…


I love Zelda too
My brother is obsessed though


Nah it wasn’t

It was better than most my games


People who have posted

Uh if it’s alright with you all, could you be my tag list if I have any bugs and stuff?
Feel free to say no


Sure I guess?

Also, i’m in a really self-deprecating mood right now, so, everything that I’ve done I’m currently viewing as trash


Yep. Tag me anytime you need help


Ya put me on dat list👍🏻


Will this game look similar to the original legends of Zelda? Or 2-D? Or what.


I’l help as mutch as i can


The original was 2d lol but i think your referring to the Nintendo switch version or the 3ds