Legendary coding collabs



Anyone wanna collaborate?First 2 to vote yes get to collaborate with me!

  • Yes
  • No

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you get to collaborate with yourself because you chose yes first


I’ll like to collaborate!
Also,I really like your pfp! That’s a bugatti Chiron,right? Mine is a pagani huayra.


I’m pretty busy right now, so I might now have the time. But good luck finding somebody who you can collab with, I’d really like to see your projects!


It’s made out of legos


The Bugatti races around the corner… OOOHHH WHAT A WIN.

Yeah it’s a drivable life size _lego_Bugatti




Why does nobody want to collaborate with me?:disappointed_relieved:

Nobody likes you

  • You don’t like me
  • You don’t have the time
  • You don’t like to collaborate
  • You don’t want to remix stuff on your profile
  • You don’t have an account

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People so far in this collab:




Someone doesn’t like me…

That person hurts my feelings :o


legendary coding company

that no one remembers sad


Yes finally two peopleactually want to collab

I’m so happy :grin:


@Aariv do you wanna collab?




R u on right now? For the collab, do you want to use our current accounts or create a new one?