LegendArt club!


This is a topic for LegendArt! Here, we can show art and talk about it! Also, we can do requests and competitions!!!!!


So we post pictures of super-cool art?


I love the orca!


What's the orca?



The top one. Aka killer whale


OOOOH cool

So do we post cool drawings then?


You can share art and make requests! The art club may make drawings inspired by you! There will also be some competitions. Some for the whole community, and some for the art club only!:wink:


Ok.....lets do this.:smirk:


It's my name


okay i dont want to be mean but u may wanna restrict the posting of art for only memebers because this is kind of like drawling on paps


Sorry, there's already a topic for this:

Maybe we can merge? @SmilingSnowflakes


This one is an art club, it's different from the drawing topic. :)


Ohhhh sorry :laughing:

Ack there goes me again, I think I better go back to scrolling :0


No, anyone can post art on here!


but thats what the drawling on paper compared to ipad is post any art @Kiwicute2016 plz give us a second opinion


Are all members!


Ok!!! I'll try and draw some Hopscotchers as Pokémon, and the Pokémon I'll draw is... Dragonite! Can't do it now, gtg!


More beluga art I made a while ago! Good night!


@DragonQueen3 as a Legendary Dragon Pokémon!