Left justified text



Greetings! I’m positively sure that I found a new way to left justify text in a single block. It’s done through an invisible unicode character and works the same as the old period method, but needs no additional code. The character is:

It’s on the “blank” line above. Trust me.
Here’s proof:


Oh yeah I saw that too
It’s a pretty cool character, right!

That’s awesome I didn’t know it’d do something like that

You are very smart I will definitely use this!!


That invisible character isn’t doing anything to my testing project.


@tankt2016 Copy it from the hopscotch project using select all. Then paste it at the end like you would with a spacing period. So spam space until the shorter line is the length of the longest line, then paste this character in.




What character did you use?


@Aariv The invisible one. It’s not even a space wide.


where did you get it from?


-1 who got it from me


Yes it is a very helpful character
I wish I could paste it everywhere I go

I should establish it on my keyboard if that’s possible


-1 is you, @petrichor


What do you mean by thate??


That is really cool! It is definetly an improvement compared to the “dot method”.


Wonderful! I have considered using this method in one of my own projects, before I abandoned the idea.

I also used large spaces that also worked.

Good job!


@PeppyWafer21 But that only works for right justified that text, right? I mean like with just the spacing?


Using large spaces (U+3000) it works the same as using zero width characters.