Left alone on the forums just for me?


Can we plz just have a day without bothering me? I can't be bothered. School is more important.


Remove yourself from tag list
and never come on here!



I am not on the tag list and this is a hobby and I need to stop this hobby. It is not healthy for me.



Then dont go on this website .-.




Then block this website, don't let yourself go on. Know that you shouldn't, and tell yourself that school is more important and the forum isn't as important and that u need to get school done :D


i can't.PLZ HELP ME!


Do you use ipad or computer?


Just block the website

Or tell your mum to hide the device from you


That's all I can do, all I can say.

I'm not there with you to do it for you, you have to do it yourself or ask a sibling, parent, or guardian.


Computer my dude.


Maybe you can ask Liza or the Mods to suspend you...?



Do you use chrome?


I have asked, they said no.
@Kiwicute2016 and @BuildASnowman, plz suspend me will December.


Nvm I won't put this hear, I don't want to be flagged :stuck_out_tongue:


They don't need to suspend you, your parents can restrict this website :D

Or even the whole iPad!


Since im a nerd, I think it blocks you and warns you.


Oh my, I know what that is! XD


Lol, PLZ don't flag me.... MERSY


I won't, that is so funny that you said that!