Lee's General Topic!


Hi! So, because of reasons, I decided to make a general topic!
You can ask me questions, just talk to meh a bit, ect...
So it's basically your normal general topic, but I made it...
This was inspired by everyone who did this before me!
I have no idea how to end this...



Nice general topic! :DDD


Nice name! Probably not true though.


And sorreh for not replying sooner...


Hai! What do you like drawing most? :D


Hi! I really like to draw OC's, dragons, and wolves!


What ya working on?
Should I summon @tankt2016?
Look at the 6th line!
Did I summon @tankt2016?
Look at the eighth line!
Who do you look up to on HS?
Look at the 4th line!
How are you so awesome?
Is this too much?


I have answered! (WHY 20 CHARACTERS!?!)