Leaving Until an New update comes out


I think I'm going to leave Hopscotch. No, this is not because I lost interest, because I LOVE Coding, and this is not for popularity, I have probably around 50 followers.
This update from July 7 is too hard for me to adjust to. The brand new format is cool and all, but the portrait mode, the video hints, and the editors are very difficult to comprehend.
Also, I have seen just about enough rude behavior in the newest tabs. Now there are also "hate accounts" like one that's being rude to booksandmusic.
So if you see the account "booksandmusic​:rage::-1:🏻," tell them calling books and music "uuuuugggggllllllllyyyyy!" And that everyone hates her, is not true.
So, there we have it.
I will not be on until probably August, just for old times sake, and I will be on the forum.

Long "rant" thing and also PLEASE HELP ME

I meant for a while!


I will miss you,
But you have good reasons!


@LemonPop9 I will try to stay this in HW nicest way possible. I think that it is unfair to leave just because of a little update others have to go through it. You should stay


@LemonPop9, it is sad that you are leaving, but maybe read this before you consider it? http://forum.gethopscotch.com/t/thinking-of-leaving-the-update-isnt-a-reason-xd/19263


Ok...Considering...yup comin' back tomorrow or in a couple hours.