Leaving Topic! ;-;


All of the leaving topics on the forum are kinda deppressing. So how bout' all of the leaving announcments be on one topic?

If you are gonna leave, instead of making a new topic you can just post your explanation and everything in one post on here. And since its just gonna be a post on a topic (instead of a topic) then it might be hard for people to find out if someone has left or not. So that's why there is a list. (well there's not a list yet but ya know)

People who have left just Hopscotch:


People who have left just the forum:

@ButterBark (soon, dont worry)

People who have left everything HS related:

@MobCraft soon


Global edit, plz


Huh wat do u mean i don't understand the global stuff


I'm not sure, but I think this has already been done..?
In my opinion, everyone is free to make a "leaving topic"


There's nothing next to your name


When you are a regular, you can set it so everyone can edit it


Ohh ok
I'm a member
Does the thing next to my name say member


U haz no title


Everyone wants to leave hopscotch all of a sudden


I also find it sad :frowning:

I'm going to edit the OP


I would say the same!


I agree also! I see the point for this topic, but people are still free to make there own. They don't have to it it here. That's my opinion! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


OS hasn't left the forum, we are both leaving October 1 lol






I usually are against these topics, but its getting really annoying

But its a pretty big deal, and I dont think one topic will sort out the people just leave on one topic.


LotsaPizza is leaving forum too