Leaving today! + upcoming project?



hi guys! i wanted to tell u that in about two weeks I'm going to hershey park in pennselvsania. there is no wifi in the hotel I'm going to be in so i won't really get to go on hs or forum. i will only be there for about 4 days, so dont worry! If ur talking about my trip, label TRIP on ur post


I'm planning to make a project but i don't know what it should be about! if ur posting about what i should make label PROJECT plz!
the reason why I'm making u guys label is because i don't want to get mixed up!


Congrats! I think it will be really cool, even though I've never been there.

Project help
Maybe your project could be about your Hershey Park Experience!

Don't forget to look at the street signs, I heard they are all related to chocolate!
Or candy.


thanks! I've actully went before 3 years ago and it was really cool! and maybe i should make a project out of ur idea....lets see what other peeps say...


so true! like cocoa street and stuff!


Awwww but when are come back?


like the end of july


Have fun! See you soon!


Thanks! -20 characters


Hi guys! i just wanted to say bye to
Im leav.ing tomorrow morning! Goodbye!


Aww! I'll see you later fren ;-;

Bai ;-;-;;-;-;-;-;;


Bye fren! I'll miss you!


bai...... ;-;-;-;


ill miss you too! ;-;-;-;-;



Bye fren ;-;
I will miss you!






Bye, see you someday! :D


Maybe if you guys want I could show u pics of the park? But without my face of course


Bye! See you in 1 or 2 weeks! Have fun!


I'm leav.ing today lol