Leaving the forum?


Possibly? Maybe? I'm not sure yet. But guys. The forum is falling apart. I'm depressed and can't make small talk about anything else. I have been seriously considering deleting the app. So I'm either leaving forever, or taking a short break.


;-; OUAT,

It's going to be ok, it really will, I promise.
Try thinking about happy things not about the forum, in life, all the fun things you love doing, something that makes you happy, watch YouTube, draw, write, anything :D

We are going to get through this, it will be ok.
But do whatever you want, I think a short break would be the best but it's up to you.


@OnceUponATime, I suggest you to just take a short break.
Because you may want to come back when da Forum is a better place.

"Even in the darkest place, there is always a hint of light."

"Everything would change, everything."
—StarryDream's mum

"Keep believing until you sense hope."

From your long lost fren, Starry


Please don't leave! The forum will become happy again! Don't worry! It will be okay


Try to keep it together.

We all cry but we get more depressed when more people leave.

The forums is becoming a mess..

We need the regulars to help keep the forum together. Even though I'm not one (demoted) we can try to keep out trolls


Give it some time.....


1) Don't call yourself depressed. Depression can only be diagnosed over long-term. This happened yesterday. I don't mean to undermine you, but its kind of an insult to people who actually have depression.

2) I see your reasons for leaving, but I don't think you should. Really, now. I never saw you as the kind of person who would ditch this Forum, and all the friends you made here, just because... erm... what was your reason? Going with the flow? Come on, @OnceUponATime. You can do better than that.

3) You're still deciding? Good. Stay.


Please don't Frenpai!!!!!!!


Sorry. I used "Depressed" as a general term, and I shouldn't have.

@Smishsmash I really am still deciding. I just feel... Sad. For irl reasons as well. I cooled off at school and I know I don't want to leave, but I'm still deciding about the "break." That goes for everyone else who commented. And it is my hope that everything will become better and one point.


What @smishsmash said. Please don't leave.