Leaving (sort of)



Hey guys. I am going to "leave" the forum. Not really. I won't really be active on this account, but am going to make a NEW forum account. My username is going to be:

PinkFluffy_Unicorns .
Remember this.

See you on my other account!


C u!!! I'll miss u 4 da short time u are gone!!! c:


Cewl! Bai and see u on PinkFluffy_Unicorns!!!


It's okay! You are not actually leaving and I'm happy to see that!:wink:
(Seeing someone to leave is always sad…)


See ya sort of!



That's really not nice. Please change or delete that


@PinkFluffy_Unicorns is an awesome name!!! XD XD XD


Woah, I answered my own question XD