Leaving. Sorry. Farewell my frens


So yeah ■■■■■■■■■■■. With the rest of the train of course. Thanks for being awesome frens and I know every one of you will do great in life! The decision is mainly because
- I have a very busy life
- PT is leavi.ng too
- and more stuff XD
- the new decision for no leader or mods

@kvj I know you will do awesome in life and exceed everyones expectations. Thanks for being awesome and nice to me. Auf Wiedersehen. selbst. youre, das eine fantastische Person.

@AHappyCoder I probably will hey to go to New Zealand. Now there's no place to make plans tho. Thanks for being a awesome person. You have a great personality and can always cheer someone up.

@KawaiiRose @Explorer_ don't leave. You have a lot if awesomeness here to do. Have a awesome life guys.

@MobCraft thanks. I'm more you're fan than you're my fan LOL. Thanks for always cheering me on even though I can't be leader. Thanks.

@TheRealBlah @DA-BEASTY thanks.
You've always been nice

@Catface4 Murphy says goodbye. Thanks for being a great friend

@Maltese thanks. XD chips ahoy then

@Candycane thanks for always being a great friend

@MrHotdog64 XD. Thanks for being a hotdog

I will make more In a sec XD


Bye @Murphy1, I respect that desicion, but I will really miss you ;-;

Have a good life fren


I'll miss you fren...




But how?
You know his face?


Ermm. Really. I don't think that was mine...


Really let's not talk a bout this


And I'm a girl XD.


Anyways, here's what I really wanted to say,

Murphy, you've been awesome and nice to me in a lot of ways.

I'll miss you, pal


Thanks mr hotdog lol


It's only Fair you tell me yours...


Bye fren! I'll miss you! ;-; I might have a 24 hour leave. @Murphy1



She has always been one of the bests frenapais, she helped us with coding problems, Murphy1, I hope you don't leave HS to.



Bye! We will all miss you! You are a great person! Have an amazing life!


These dark ages...

really do the job..

Goodbye @Murphy1

You will be missed.

I however think that if you leave the forum slowly dies


Yep, Chips Ahoy. :""000

I'll really miss you, even though we haven't talked a lot. You're an amazing person, and don't forget that.




What about the pair contest?


Goodbye, my fren... We will really miss you...

I wish you the very best for everything. Auf Wiedersehen, mein Freund.


I will still do that


Oh, all this leaving! I can't handle it.

Bye Murphy, I'll miss you.