Leaving soon (Thursday)


Ok so I'm going on a cruise next Thursday then staying in Florida for a bit and I don't know when I'm going to have wifi so I'm just notifying everyone now




Have fun!
I was on a cruise this summer, and the wifi will go on and off. If your parents allow it, you can make a hotspot with a phone with cellular data.


Good luck on your trip! Hope you have fun!


Okay, have fun in the cruise and see you in a while!


I have only been on like a week and you have said this almost 10-12 times


I have?


That is 13 lol


Why does everyone say I'm turning 13 in six days? I'm turning 4 in six days, not 13.




You're a puny mortal, and you probably don't have puny portals.


In my opinion @thebestest don't really worry about wifi
Enjoy the cruise while you can
We will be here when you get back and not much will have changed

Enjoy the Cruise


How do you know
Stalker read my bio


Ok! Have fun! Are you going to be back?