Leaving probably


I feel...
Forgotten. I've been going through a lot recently, and because I don't have so much time, I'm considering just leaving. I wasn't on for more than a month and I came back with 8 notifications on HS. My friends are leaving and quite frankly I think I should too. It may sound ridiculous and like I just want attention, and to be honest... Yeah. I was pretty popular at one point, but now I'm just there. I never finish requests, anything. I'm not known anymore and there's just been so much hate pointed at me that I can't continue doing something if nobody wants me to... should I go?

  • yes
  • probably
  • no



I have missed you so much ;-;

It's really your choice but I dont want you to go!
If you do go, have an amazing life! :D


It's your choice but I really want you to stay. You are amazing :slight_smile:


If that hate is or was coming from me, rest assured that's over.

I've figured they're are some things you can't just fight, and everyone is the same.

Everyone is a beatiful person, with their own special talents.

I think you're an amazing drawer with a unique and really cool personality. I think you should stay, but it's up to you.


It's your choice because nobody can make you do something that makes you sad.

I would love it if you stayed because you are an inspiration to me through coding and confidence. :slight_smile:


Leave if you want to leave. Don't if you want to stay. If you want to leave, just go. To be honest, I don't really care. You guys can call me rude, you can flag this post, but that is the truth. This isn't the thing you need to ask others to answer, they will always say stay. Make up your mind and tell them then.

In the end, it's your choice.


It's your choice, but I think you should stay, everybody would miss you SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much.


OMG @Sparkczy YOU'RE ALIVE?!


oh fun
i think i might leave anyways


Nooooo don't leave us!


Please don't leave! You are one of my top inspirations!


It is your decision, I have always thought you were a little inspirational, so thanks dor that. I can't believe you are actually going though. I have to admit, I will miss you. Bye, @Sparkczy.