Hey guys it's me again and I just wanted to say on Saturday the thirteenth I will be leaving for vacation probably early in the morning. Where I am going there is no wifi and my iPad doesn't have cellular data so I can't use the forum.
I will be back on Thursday the twenty-fifth at like two or three or something I don't know
So yeah I'll try and get enough information covered and so yeah
cries because no wifi so no YouTube or Jacob Sartorius :sob::sob:


Oh, okay. Bye! Have fun on vacation!


@mobcraft (aka @Moobcraft) I'm gonna be here for two more days and a few hours.


Actually none of those are me, but anyways yeah


Aww bye! Have fun without wifi fo a while :wink:

i must not tell lies... Lol how do you live without it...?


I can't live without it for sure


Snape disapproves. Snape believes in you. Severus Snape.



See you! Have fun on your vacation!


Have a great time!

I'm on vacation and where I'm staying has broken wifi because some people tried to stream things with it, but I'm in Montana where its hard to get things places so that's a reason for sure!


Have fun!

Also, no wifi?! ;-;