Leaving HS and the forum


You scared me sooo badly! I thought you were moving on! And then I thought it was someone else using your profile picture. But then I saw the first word...sigh of relief


I think promoting more leaders would also be a good idea, taking that not all leaders are on 24/7 it is hard to watch the forum with different time zones. :D


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Who do you think should be the next leader?

Most leaders trade back and forth with time we need someone who is on 24/7!


You really scared me! Have fun!


You scared me so bad with that title! XD

Have fun on your trip! :smile:


Have fun camping! We'll miss you


I saw that title and was like

But then I read the first word


you had me worried you silly goose >:O

anyway I hope you have fun!! also that the forum is not in chaos when you return ^^;


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Deep breathes...




that scared me real bad xD


I'm on 24/7 this whole week but you do know that we have school right?


I thought you were leaving! I was like

That can't be BuildASnowman, he's a mod, he'd never leave! It must be someone copying his profile picture…

But then…



Oh, he's only leaving temporarily.

Anyway, I hope you have a great trip!


You're regular now. You became regular this morning.


I know! :D I said I was close!


Hey @tankt2016 can you go to the draw pad topic and tell me where iPad is pressed goes again?


I would be a good leader.


  • Have good Language Arts, so we have the easy-to-read-posts down

  • Are on 12/7 (we go to bed at 8:00 but then relax till 8:30–9:00 without electronics, but we are sometimes on at 6:00 a.m.)

  • Have regular

  • Have never offended people

  • Always have access to Hopscotch and the forum (we use our iPad for both)

  • Are homeschooled so we can access our iPad easily to be on more often

  • Would like to be a leader

Does anyone think we would be a good leader? We are two people, so double patrollers are here!


Yeah but I am uselay on during school on breaks! I am homeschooled!


This isn't the topic for that. :wink:

Also, let it come naturally! :D


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