Leaving HS and the forum


... temporarily! I'm going on a camping trip with my grade until saturday, and won't be on until then. If I don't respond to questions or tags, that's why (Although I'll try to sneak a few visits, not sure if I can :slight_smile: ). I trust that @Kiwicute2016, @PopTart0219, and @Anonymous can keep the forum relatively sane (although is it ever?) while I'm gone. See you guys later! :smiley:

PS If you saw the title and thought I was leaving, sorry to scare you like that, I just had the oppurtunity and I seized it xD


Ok, I'll miss you!


You scared me. Really bad. :laughing:

Okay! Have fun! :D


Okay, then. Have fun! =D


You didn't scare me because I just saw you tagged me and I got scared... XD well have fun!

Edit: not scared I wasn't looking at the title I was thinking of something else XD


You scared meh :laughing:

I was opening the topic like "NOOOO!!!!" Until I saw your first word :joy:

Have fun! :D


I saw dat title and I was like

Bet the camping trip will be exciting, see you :D


I thought you were leaving.... *Glares


Have fun! :D

Our school doesn't take us camping, but we do have stay-away field trips for a few days every now and then!

I didn't see the title. XD
I just went on clicking notifications.

y u leave me to deal with teh flags??


Lol. I've never been camping though. Hope you have a good time! Eat da yummy marshmellows! (That's what people do while camping right?)


Thank you for letting us know. See you later!


That title scared me XD

Okay! Have fun! :D


The tile did scare me I changed it!


u are now deh bearer of teh flags. use ur powers wisely young padwan.


*Cough look at *Cough my last *Cough post *Cough and that's her life when she's gone XD


Ok. I'll pass them on to Liza. XD


@Liza could you promote more people? Sorry weird time to ask, but I think we need more people


One day. One. Day. I will (hopefully). Become. Leader. But obviously not now, i mean I'm not even Regular XD (but I am close!)


Hmm you should probbaly send a email!


I'm not even regular but hopefully one day I'll become a leader :smile::smile: