Leaving hopscotch



Umm, tornado? What? And, trust me, I've had so many remixes, like one for example was called, "To VanillaOwl​:yellow_heart: To make her mad." But, to be honest, I don't care anymore! Maybe remixing is what they want to do. What tornado?


Well it's a f2 so it should be okay​:ok_hand:


You have only been hopscotching for almost 2 months. Stick around and learn more! ^‿^

It's worth it.


Okay throw it at us not literary that would be bad


We also think that hopscotch should make a team of hopscotchers to search for this stuff


Ah!!!!! It's starting so just letting you know we might not be here


Okay we're not quitting thanks for the stuff to help us @VanillaOwl@Huggingfluffybear @Intellection74 @smishsmash @Dude73 @Bubbles4Ever929 @Razor


YAYAYAYAYAYAY no problem!!!!