Leaving hopscotch



I'm tired how we get on featured and after something new shows up I'm not popular anymore we just don't like it how people won't consider us.
(storm meaning tornado is coming!)
Also here's the project notice thing called bye... From:Codepro


Aww! But your code is so awesome! Please don't leave!


Please don't leave becuase off popularity!

Whenever you think of
"Ugh I am not famous!:rage:"

Think when there was no community on hopscotch
Pre thankful that for fun you can make projects and share!


You bring a life into hopscotch no one else has! Ignore popularity, so many people like you! You deserved every feature, and every like. Please, I am begging you not to leave. :sob:


Agreed! Dont leave becuase of likes or popularity we will miss you tons! And no offense but be thankful that you got on featured!


Ode to @LinemStudio

I like your code
It overrode
You shouldn't leave
Cause you've been beat
Keep going
Trudge on
Ode to @LinemStudio

Personal Note:
I don't think you should leave because of a popularity drop! But I respect your descision and hope you don't leave.


Don't let popularity define who you are as a coder. If you keep coding you could get another feature. THT picks features for a REASON! BECAUSE YOUR AN AWESOME CODER! Everyone is an awesome coder in their own way!


Thanks for the support @Huggingfluffybear @Dude73 @smishsmash for the support, but also people are being mean about stuff and taking our ideals its like:
Tesla and Tomas Edison and how Edison stole Teslas ideals


Just ignore and report! That's all you half to do! That is the best advice you will get!:wink:


Okay we'll think about coming back


Yay! Hope you strongly consider it!


The flame wars will never end. They may decrease, but you cannot count on them stopping. Please, when people leave, it starts a chain reaction of people leaving. Please don't leave. :sob:


Just report them. Think, who's the better coder, The inventor (you) or the copier (them). It's you!


WHY: because they don't learn anything, they just copy.


I've said this a million times but.... STOP DOING THIS
If your quitting you probably want some likes or only care abut them. DONT DO THAT. Popluarity is not everything and HS was made for to learn about coding. If this keeps up THT might as well delete all that popularity things such as followers or likes. If your quitting to get popluar or likes THAT IS NOT ALLOWED because that is considered begging for likes. Us Hopscotchers should stop these things and I say we close this @staff.


Let's not get mad over how popular, or if we are on featured, or if we have hundreds of likes, we all start out somewhere and we can't just magically become good at something we haven't practiced, imagine trying to do a flip without practice, ouch! Also, who cares if we are featured? ^‿^ I'm sure the moderators have a super tough time deciding who should be featured but leaving because you are not featured? That's a little crazy... You shouldn't leave! Think of all the things you could learn! It's super fun once you get to know some more complex blocks, but practice is what all brought us to where we are today.

"Good coders are bad coders who never gave up and always practiced."


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Well, likes can make you feel excluded from the community, not a part of the community, or both!


Mainly its the meanness and copycats @Razor @VanillaOwl also update the tornado is coming REDALERT


What! A tornado! I don't live where tornados are but I bet it's scary


We shouldn't complain we're in tornado ally we had plenty tornado 1-5!