Leaving hopscotch for now



It has come to mu atention that hopscotch will be removed from my schools app catolouge (a selection of aproved apps that we can download). This means that in about 11 days i will have to leave hopscotch. I will still be on the forum and will try to get back on as soon as i can.

more info in why i am leaving

(Sory for bad gramer at the begining. BBcode and HTML dont mix and i’m leaving is cencerd)
So my school system gave us ipads and the app store is blocked but thwy have an “app catoluge” with aproved apps and stuff. They are going to take hs of of this catolouge acording to my mother. This does not mean that i have to delete hs, because they blocked deleting apps. There is however a game i play called vainglory that is updating on about 11 days. To update the app i have to restart my ipad but since hs is being removed i will nolonger be able to use it.

me teg list

If u wana join tag me and tell me


I’m sorry to hear that you have to leave the app. But at least your still going to be on the forum!!! :grinning:


sad to hear that but you’ll be on the forum so that’s gr8!


Ugh now i have to work extra hard to finish projects


Just a note, my leaving hopscotch is not becase of the removle its because i have to restart my ipad for somehting and i cant redownload hs




Oh yeah I live in the same county as @PartTimeFemale I will have to go too.
@TheCoders In 11 days I will have to leave HS


The forum and the app or idk the forum or just the app


the app?? or the forum?? or both??


The app…but I am planning on leaving the forum soon, mainly because I feel like it takes up my life, if THT would have responded to my email I would have stayed, but my timechere is coming to an end too


Noooo please I’ve just started talking to you and I think you’re a great person I’m sorry things aren’t working out…I’ll miss you when you’re gone





no >:000



this isn’t happening


Well it is truth. I spend to much time on the forum, I lose my sleep, and it it noticeable to everyone else I talk to IRL, I might come on in the day time, but not at night


but I’m usually not on during the day.
I’m extremely busy these days

so sayonara to our conversations


more fun to end a really fun Friday


Well then I guess we would have long term conversations


Like I reply, then 2 hours later photo replies, then four hours later I reply, etc


I’m going to miss you a lot but I understand why ur going to leave sleep is important


My dad says I am always so grumpy in the morning…and also I have a real and fun life to live, and honestly, I have more fun out there than in here


well it may seem like that’ll work

but trust me

it won’t

and honestly, I won’t wanna do that

if it’s gonna be hours to days before we repl

it’s undependable


Well then I guess it will be goodbye then