Leaving forevermore! I'm sooo sad 😭😭😭


Read the last topic I commented on of pop tarts if u wanna know why I'm sorry guys this is too much now thanks a lot the peeps who upset me​:sob::sob::sob::sob:
Can't explain iPad dying bye!


Ok, its your choice honestly, have an awesome life :D, bye.


If you say so... Bye...


Awww :(

You were such a kind, fun forum member! Have a great life! :D Bye!


Bye, I'll miss you! Good luck in life :00


Jess888 accidentally said something inappropriate.
Some people asked her to edit it.
She started crying and being angry, and saying that we were ganging up on her and having a go at her.
We tried to explain. She got even more upset.
I don't even know.


I'm sorry, I just wanted to explain (shrug)

Come on, let's calm down now :3

Let's express our feelings nicely :D


Nuuuuuuuu! Why is so many ppl leaving?!


Please edit that it's super innapropriate and rude :0

We tried to calm you down, we tried to help, to explain, but you never listened, bye ;-;
I ran out of flags, that's rare for me, :0 so everyone calm down :D



All you had to do was edit your post.


That sounds like something you'd see on a tombstone XD

Don't ask
My mind works weirdly


You're overreacting.


We all make mistakes


i can leave if i wanna dont b rude


tha kyou thats soo kind that all ive been trying to say


He's not being rude, it's just an observation ;3


You're really overreacting. They asked you to simply change a word.


That's what we were saying too


Goodbye frennnnnn.....



Simply and clearly put. You hit the nail on the head.


I literally said we all make mistakes and you got mad lol this went way farther than it needed to