Leaving... For now



So, I'm leaving...
Well, for two days. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
@GoddessHope and I are going on a trip to NYC, and we can't bring our iPads. Our phones are slow and glitchy, and since it is a group trip, the leaders will take away our phones. So... See ya!

EDIT: I'm back!!!!


AWWW!!! Wait, maybe i'll see you! YAY!!!


See ya! Have fun! :smile:


Enjoy your trip!
Just curious, are you going to see the NITs? I almost went, but then I couldn't...


Have fun, and don't get grounded


No, I'm going to see Finding Neverland, a Broadway show. We are leaving now. Good bye!!


Have fun! Can't wait for you to come back!


Bye!! Have fun!! Post when you come back!


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And I'm back! And I have a cold...
I got nearly NO sleep yesterday, so I'm super tired. But I'm back!


Get well soon! Welcome back!


Cool. I kinda want to see that Broadway show!


It was really good. And that's Coming from a person that doesn't typically like musicals!


Musicals are okay I don't really like them though


Ohh sounds like fun!