Leaving for a while _KL


I am so sorry guise. I just dont have any time for the forum any more. I would love to come back but idk. I am so sorry to all of you whom' request i did not do. I love you all and i will still be on hs.
My last post

my forum experience was unforgettable
Luv ya
My frens


Bye! :D
Have fun doing whatever you are doing! :D


I am an ice skater so i am sooooo busy


Ok, bye. We'll miss you!


Bye :,c

I'll see you soon, hopefully! :DD


bye ;-;


Bye ;-;

Hope to see you soon! :D


Bye. Have fun in real life! :slight_smile:



hope you'll be back :D





Bye :slight_frown: :slight_frown:


Hey guys! I am back! Only on weekends though. I am sick so...Hi! Is there anything I need to know