Leaving For A Little While



I'm gone for a little while, I've got more priorities. So bye, and see you all very soon.
P.S. Not quitting, just leaving and returning later.


Oh! Good bye for now... I'll see you when you come back :cold_sweat::cold_sweat::cold_sweat:


Alright, see you soon hopefully :relaxed:. We'll miss you


thank you @smileyalyssa @AvocadoDont


Ok good luck! I'll be waiting for you. You're really cool.


I shall see you all soon after march 10th and I might get a cat. please keep me updated on what's happening.
pls keep me updated! thx



You will be missed... <3


Will do! I will be on like every day XD


Hi anything happening on hopscotch? whats on trending? featured?


Are you leaving?!?! :neutral_face::disappointed:


I can't wait until you come back! You are one of my favorite users!



so are you dropping out of my contest?!

By you will be missed!

From your furry friend - huggingfluffybear


I got featured again :smile:

Also, @SmileyAlyssa got featured 2-3 times for the past 2-3 weeks! Impressive, huh?


Yah about 3 times in a month. Congrats! But I don't see your on there...


Congrats for what..? I'm telling @JaszyKake what she missed :sweat_smile:


Oh OK I just saw that I thought you meant something else! :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


There is a new video on cooking! That's something big happening. We are also doing the Hopscotch Oscars soon!!! :blush: LP is hosting and I'm coding!


Cool! I just made a goodbye project... I will see you after March 10th! My mum says I might get a kitten or a dog...:slightly_smiling:


You are a favorite of mine.... I have been counting down the days until you come back.
PS- I hope you get a puppy or a kitten! (I'd recommend animals shelters!)


Oh yah! @JaszyKake, jn case you didn't know, you were featured and then they sent us an email with your project in it!