Leaving for a little bit, announcement (please read)


So title says all. I'll be leaving for a bit I don't know how long. My projects in HS barely get any plays at all, like 5 for each one. I'm not leaving HS but the HSF. I know people will be like "popularity doesn't matter". I don't wanna hear it. Also I see when people go crazy for people like @Valgo and @FoodDelivery. I wish I were them and people would appreciate me and go crazy for me. Also the forum is ruining me, I getting worse grades at school and I'm trying to earn some money by mowing lawns but I end up in my room on here. Whatever, i know people will be like "No don't leave" but they won't care. Friends tag list, people who may actually care, @bluedogmc-official @NeoPixel @William04GamerA @AlohaHawaiiStudios.

Then if I come back I'll be inactive so ya. See ya guys even tho you probably don't care -danaball20

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Ok see ya have fun with life


Thanks, you too. I'll be back in a little bit


We're all going to miss you. Before you go, I just want you to know that I absolutely love your Hopscotch projects. I have faith that you will become more well known in some time. :wave:


Thanks! That really means a lot. Just for games in the furture which project is your favorite? @BellaWafflez17


Okay good byeeeeeeeeee


I don't think I know you yet, but I've had prior experience with dealing with this kind of situation.

For the part on the forum, I personally know some friends(some of whom left), like @OrangeScent1, @Rawrbear, @LotsaPizza, and myself who have gone through a phase, where we thought the forum was taking a toll on our school life and should do the right thing by taking a break. I completely support your opinions, and I know that addiction is very difficult to overcome. In fact, you are doing the right thing, but I'd like to make a suggestion. You can try making a schedule. It gives you the opportunity to bide your time well. I used the same method when I started to abuse my privileges. The forum was consuming my life, especially because of all the incoming art requests and the limited time I had for coding big projects so people wouldn't "forget" about me. It gave me so much stress until I finally backed out, claiming I would "come back eventually". In truth, the forum and Hopscotch had contributed to all the procrastination and addiction I already had. Unfortunately, I never came back, until now. I'm giving myself the privilege of going on the forum for only a few hours a week.

As for Hopscotch, appreciate what time you have to code. Take your time, be creative, and your efforts will be rewarded.



I'm not going to try to convince you to stay, because it's your choice.

But I'll really miss you. I care about you.


Are you happy I'm leav ing? Private

  • NO
  • Don't go
  • Ok
  • Meh
  • Yes ■■■■■■■■■■ leave forever



I'm your friend, and I care! ;-;

In the end, if Hopscotch messes with your schedule in anyway, get rid of it, or restrict your time. Your life is way more important.


Bye frenapai! We will miss you! ;-;
Have fun earning some money by mowing lawns!


Just leave and be successful in life


I know you do. We have been friends for so long but I need to. In my personal life I gotta help out my parents. I'll still be a tiny bit active.


Thank you for that detailed statement. Thanks for supporting my opition too. I know exactly what your saying


True true bye bye frenapai!


I will try lol. I'll miss you all


I will when I want.

Do you mean that in a negative way?



I know how u feel






I want you to do well in life and this forum is brining you down