Leaving... (for 5 days)



Hello Hopscotchers!

As you have read the title, I am leaving both the forum and Hopscotch for 5 days, starting tomorrow. Actually, more like 4.5 days, because I will be back in the afternoon on June 27.

I will be on vacation with my Girl Scout troop (somewhere in Illinois, let's just say that for now, I will reveal where I was after I come back). I'm not allowed to bring my iPad, and my troop leaders don't really want us on their phones. So, no forum or Hopscotch for 4.5 days!

My short break will start tomorrow. If there's any homework assigned or due while I'm gone, @tankt2016, I won't be able to finish it.

I'll miss you all while I'm gone! And I will be back on the 27th! (@BuildASnowman, @Kiwicute2016, and @PopTart0219, could one of you lock my trust level at Regular? Thanks!)


Hopscotch Pets! (this is related to HS)

HAVE FUN :wink: !


Have fun! Come back soon :D


Have a nice holiday!!

See you in 4.5 to 5 days :D


Have a good time!
Make thos4.5 days count :slight_smile:


I hope you have an amazing time! Awesome!




Thanks guys! :D

@Kiwicute2016 @BuildASnowman @PopTart0219 Did one of you lock my trust level at Regular yet? Sorry if I'm driving you crazy, but I really wanna know! :D


I'm leaving really soon! ;-;
See you on the 27th!


I am back Hopscotch! :heart_eyes_cat::heart_eyes_cat::heart_eyes_cat:


Yey! c: