Leaving / Being Less Active



Hey guys, I know, I know, I wasn't here for barely any time.
But I've came attached to doing this, and I do in in bad times. I think I'm just going to get rid of this website on my iPad, but I will still look on it, and be on it. I said 'Less Active'. I'm going to respond on certain things but yeah.
@Explorer_, I might do your school on Thanksgiving break.
@RexersHexers, I don't I can do Trihop anymore.
@Sweetlina, amazing art teacher.
@KittyShip, thanks for coming on meh general topic.
@Cutedogeisthebest, thanks for support.
@Cash, :D.

The LGBT community:
@AmiiboTrash, you have found out meh secrets...
@Waffle_Draws, thanks for support.
@XiaoMiaoMi, I know your not an LGBT but yeah. (Are you?)
@PotatoLover3, a- oh wait.

@EmojisRUs -nice profile backround and user card xD

All around friends:

And of course, @TACOCODE.

I will still be on, replying in here.
Okay, I will be active. Just not all days.


I will miss you! Have fun in your life! I would be less active, but I have no life so I can be on here all the time. #no_life_for_zachyswag


That's....a depressing thought.



lol it's almost completely true! xD Besides homework and school, and maybe some other stuff I do with my life, I'm on HS.


You just got regular, BTW.
I was looking at your bio then it suddenly changed.


Who me?




lol I got reg back in august! xD




We will miss uuuuuuuuuu


You were a great student


Yeah you were better than me!!


Wow, huge post.

I acknowledge your decision. I hope you've enjpyed your time on here! And I hope you'll continue to have fun on here.

(The LGBT+ community isn't just made up of people who are LGBT. It's the community full of people who support, who care, their families, et cetera.)


(well, yeah. That's why I added you.)



Being less active when you're supposed to be doing other things is good, but come talk when you have the chance, frendo!!! :DDDD


Aw that's a shame ಠ`⌒‘ಠ


has heart attack


I'm ur friend??? Really? I thought I didn't have any friends lol

Though sometimes I sneak on the fourm, it's not really healthy because I haven't started my book report nor finished the book and it's due the Monday after thanksgiving break


Enough about me, I will miss you, but have a good time in life!


Your are the best,we will miss you