Leaving and The HS Update



So, if anyone has seen, I published a project yesterday expressing why I am leaving. I still am not sure if I will come back in September but for now, I have left hopscotch due to the update only. I enjoy the past version of hopscotch way better as you could easily get the coding blocks and if I stayed on hopscotch, I would publish way less than usual; I don't code the way the newer update suggests.

Is the update better than the last one?
Vertical screen coding, the setup, what is your opinion?

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I'll miss you and I hope you get used to the update.


Sorry I had to leave in this way but I do wish Hopscotch gave the old update back ;(


I'd like that if I could :3


By @Kiwicute2016


Honestly quitting because of the update is kinda childish. And wanting the old hopscotch back is never gonna happen. The really old hopscotch didn't have a community. Or even so many blocks!
I know multiple people said this multiple times but THT have put in a TON of effort into this update.



I didn't see the project.. It probably got stuck in the filter.

Well, It was a nice time with you on Hopscotch, Sir Spag.

All of us Hopscotchers will miss you.

See you at the beginning of the school year, Man.

P.S Thx sooooo much @TheGreenBanana!


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And I kinda agree, @AmiiboTrash


Guys, give him a break. :sweat_smile: I also considered leaving. He left because he didn't think he could get used to programming like that with everything inside of another line of code. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I get that it all seems strange and daunting. But by using it and practising you can grow to love it! I prefer the old one but I'm not going to just give up on the new one :slight_smile:

Just like before when there was no CoSine (:scream:) or fewer of the cool blocks we had before this update :wink:


True, @KVJ. I like the new update of how many more blocks it has. Like the "MATH" and "CONDITIONALS" sections! :grinning:


Ikr? I'm looking forward to seeing what they can do!!


Chuckle Chuckle Chuckle


Cough Chucklevision cough…
Oh the memories


They just added a new update for it to be horizontal to. Try it out!


Well I think THT will eventually have to if their budget runs out and they get constantly low ratings.


It is not childish! I have been on for almost a year and i only just disagreed with this update never other updates. Older updates are out of context and i have been in for around 4 updates.


Why are you arguing about a 19 day old post?

The update buisness is basically irrelevant now.


it is because I dont go on hopscotch forum every hour or day! I clearly got back on that day and it is not a rule that disallows me from doing so.


But still.
You could've replied to another person's post.