Leavin (it's not a rant lol I'll be on the forum for a bit)



Hey so like
I'm more focused on other stuff rn, and I never really find time for hopscotch. So @OrangeScent1 and I will have to say goodbye, possibly 5ever, soz
Idk if anyone cares tho lol
Also @PopTart0219 WHATS THE DATE


Bai fren :sob:
Good luck




@LotsaPizza save the date ;-;


I actually understand why you're saying okay so okay


your leaving possibly 5ever?? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! you'll be missed :slight_smile:


This is soo sad i wish you and @OrangeScent1 could stay


Ok, bye. We do care about that tho!


Lol thanks
I just can't adjust to the no zoom or flat brush or watercolor :joy:
I'll stay on the forum for a bit, maybe a week or so




Good. Yayaayyaayayyayayayay.


Bye-bye then :frowning:




If you're gonna come here just to post "k" I'd appreciate you don't post here at all thanks


At first I wasn't really paying attention so I thought that @PopTart0219 had made the topic and was like "Whaaa...???"

Goodbye @LotsaPizza. Also, I can't find "fivever" in the dictionary so I assume you're not actually leaving then? Lol XD




@lotsapizza lol we're quitting twins


I'm really sorry

I'm so sorry

If you saw the post I deleted ignore that

I thought you were @PopTart0219!!!!! D:

Of course I'll miss you too tho XD


I thought you were poptart I was like COMON ANOTHER LEADER GONE?

I will miss ya!


I can't quote I'm on my iPad aghhhh