Leave a trail not working



All explained in the pictures. Ask questions if needed. Thank you.



Hmm..that is strange! I don't think it'd be much, but can I please see a screenshot of the code when you set value 'Escaped' to 1?



When escaped=1 means that it will keep doing the code until escaped doesn't =1, so it will keep on doing the clear block. I reccomend putting a
Repeat forever
Wait 500 milliseconds
This means that when escaped is 1, it will only do the code once


@Hoppertoscotch It may be because by doing "When Escaped=1" it keeps repeating it once Escaped is set to 1.

That means it keeps clearing it. I don't know why it wouldn't show up at all, though.

Try doing for the Set Value rule:

Set Value Escaped to 1
Set Value Escaped to 0

Tell me if it doesn't work! :smiley:

EDIT: Yeah, basically what @SUPERSWAGGY said


@CreativeCoder @SUPERSWAGGY oops.


It's fine, this used to confuse me a lot, but did it work?




Uhhhhmmm again....


@CreativeCoder @SUPERSWAGGY now what do I do?!?


That's weird, my method worked for me :confused:


GLITCH ALERT!!! @Ian @Liza @asha @alish PLEASE NOTE THIS NOW!!!


Can you publish what you have so far so I can see?


@CreativeCoder ok be careful if you try to do it, it may be hard.


this is the project. Does it do the same thing as I showed?!?


Odd. I'll play around with it and see what I can do


It was probably the clear. Watch hopscotch's scenes video to help you.


Sorry that I intruded, but I figured it out. Your other background made the text go to 1024 and not go back to 0, and the blue sky doesn't work at 1024, though oddly enough, it works at 1000, and the grass either doesn't work at 1024 or it just moved another 1024 pixels forward. If you set the text's position back to 0, it'll work fine.

See? You might want to make the bed disappear though.
You didn't change the position back to -16 or 0, so I did it for you. Sorry if I sound like I'm guilt tripping you, but I'm not.

You can put the position block at the end of the other rule or in this one.


Thank you. @GysvANDRegulus