Leave a trail block glitch



Yay! I am making a new show for Good Morning Hopscotch, but, I came upon a glitch when I dragged out a "Leave a trail block" and instead of leving a trail, only a dot moved across the screen!! Is this normal?? @Liza @admins


Maybe restart hopscotch? I'm not sure why it happened


Like @RubyWolf1 said maybe it's a 1 time glitch. Make sure your leave a trail doesn't have move forward set to 1 if you don't want a circle


It's moved forward to 9999 to go across. I hope it's a one time glitch.


What about your blue background? What number is inside the move forward block?

  1. And at first, the yellow dot diden't even appear. Then I moved that rule to another text, and this happened.


It might have been that the other trail color was covering it up first! So try doing a wait block before it! :wink:


Make the background
Leave a trail blue width 9999999
Move 1


I just tried. It does not work nor is it a "one time" glitch. This has not worked with other shows.


Hmmm... I am on a computer right now. Otherwise I could look in the codes!