Leav.ing tommorow!


I realized I'm going to be busy preparing for school, and celebrating labor day. I'm sorry but I'm going to have to leav.e. I had the best time here, and on hopscotch in general. Shoutout to:
For being the best friends ever and supporting me!!!! People I really don't want to leave, but I have to. And, I don't know if I'm coming back. @Liza, thank you for creating hopscotch and giving me the best coding experience of my life. I think its time to move on and expand my coding vocabulary. ;~; cries. This is ShaeShae, *sniffs saying goodbye.



I will mis u soooo much fren!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-;-;;-;-;-;;-;-;-;-;;-;-;-;;-;;;----;;--;-;;-,,,,,,-;-;-;;-;-

Bai :D


It's sad that your leaving and that you are sad about it :frowning: But I goodbye fren and I hope you have a good life!


Omg fren I'm literally about to cry. O what the he.ck


ok, bye

sorry about the text thing...


Bye Queenie!!!!!!!!! I'll miss you


Nuuu dun cri! Be happy u had nice memories here! :D


Omg I will miss you too!!!


Too late. *continues to bawl


What happened to your text?


Bye ;-;

I will miss you, pls dun cri ;n;
Have fun enjoying time outside of HS and teh forum!
sorry for the reply @Rainboom! XD


u replied 2 meh :00000000000000


NUUU! ;-;-;--;-;

I'll miss you a lot. D:

Good luck with life, I hope everything goes well for you. :0 :)


I'll miss you so much! ;n;
I hope you come back one day, because I love your stories so much!


idk, my ipad wasnt working so I got on this dang computer, and this happens.... it turns normal then back to this freaky text


Omg thanks everyone I'm rolling on the floor in tears *drops phone




O thanks!! Just picked up my phone.



Are you coming back? ;-;

I'll miss you. ;-;


No no I don't think so. Goodbye potato fren!!!!!!