Learning Russian


Hey guys, I'm starting a learning Russian school! If you are interested in teaching as well, here is the form:
Forum username:
How well do you know Russian:
Have you ever thought Russian before:
We will also have homework. It will be related to HS.


I'm sry but SBYP bc there is already a topic about this​:wink:


This is a really cool idea!

But make sure to SBYP! There's a lot of Russian schools you can join! :D


She can start her own if she'd like! :D

It's like having 2 collabs that are making the same thing. :D

@SimplySouthernGurl @smishsmash


Oh! Okey! :D @Gilbert189


ok I understand but first of all how is this a collab how is it Hopstotch related​:grin:


I was just comparing it to collabs.

I don't get how it's related either, maybe the class can code some of the things they've learned?


Good idea!

Maybe they could code something about what they learned for homework or something!



Im a she by the way @Gilbert189


That's a good idea! Thanks!


But @Gilbert189, @smishsmash and @SimplySouthernGurl, should I just cancel it?


If you want!

I think you should!
Me and Simplysoutherngurl were wrong C:

Your allowed to make one if you want!


So, do you want me to close it?


I dont want you to close this!

It's a perfectly good topic! Only if you want to!
You teaching Russian school will be very cool!


I don't know. No one wants to join.


Try adding th OMTL! That will grab people's attention! :D

I would join but I'm super busy rn ;-;


Ok, I will get the OMTL




I also want the downright dreamers to see this

Downright Dreamers



Kewl. Very Kewl.


What does that mean?