Learning Lua (Coding School)


So, I am starting to learn the code language Lua. A great game that I'm sure many of you know, Roblox, was made using Lua. This just shows you all the amazing things you can make with it.

If you would like to help me learn Lua, you can join here! I guess this is kind of a coding school. There is no sign-up sheet, just say I would like to join. I will share lessons and give you things to do.

An app I recommend you get to actually write the code and test it out is called Codea. It is $15. Now, I know you're probably like "Oh my gosh! My parents would never buy that for me!!" Well, please know that is very helpful. It's definitely worth the price. This is what I'll be using. If your parents do say no, you can still ask them for Codea Scratch Pad, which is $5. If they still say no, your can still do the activities on the forums by using this format:
(Code here)
I will also be adding more websites and apps to a list that Susa what they run on and how much they cost.

If you do not get the app, there is really no way to tell if it actually works or not, or at least by yourself. I will put the code into Codea for you, and tell you if it works, and what it looks like.

If you know any other websites or apps that can do Lua, please tell me! Also, if you are joining, please tell me if you are getting Codea or not.


Apps and Websites


I have codea but haven't had time to use it.
Post some simple code, like making a number start at 0 and increase by 1 each second till it reaches 9.
You can teach me some coding in Lua.


Also can I learn pls