Learning code poll - quick but fun!



Code is a hard thing to learn. We should all know that.
But how did we all learn?

  • The tutorials in the create tab
  • Research on the World Wide Web
  • Dissecting projects I found on featured
  • It was pretty self explanatory and I just worked my way around it
  • We were learning it at school
  • It kind of just came to me
  • Other


Please reply with what you clicked!


I used Scratch, then Tynker, then i used the skills i learned to use them on Hopscotch


ToasterRebellion started a tiny bit before me, so she told me how to use it, and what everything did. After that, it kind of came naturally, and I did all the levels, which helped


I was self taught in this type of coding.

Python, C++, JavaScript, and some others are nothing like this. :D


I actually watched the videos, then looked at random peoples projects to learn. XD




A pretty much taught myself everything. I did all of the levels of course, then I looked at codes and tested all the time and taught myself!


Reverse engineering! :D