Learn Values in 3 Minutes



Note: I haven't used the internet. Not even one single research to inspire me. And don't tell me there are other tutorials because I know.

First, just so you know: To create values you click on the set value block and click on Set Value on the bottom left corner.

What are values?

Definition: Values are specific numbers assigned to names.

For example: We chose a value money and a number 20
Money = 20
The value money has been assigned the number 20.
It could of been any number. And any value. (Health/Time...)

What are they for?

Values act like a storage system.
You can think of it like the way to stock all your informations you need.

Saying you are building a game where you have a money system.
You would create a new value with the name Money.
Then you could play around and change the value's number.
There are so many ways to do this. I will be creating a tutorial on the different ways.

Values are so important you find them in every games you've played.
You can search Tap Titans in hopscotch for an example.


I will soon be creating a tutorial on how to integrate values in your game.
-How to create a value on hopscotch?
-How to put values into text. Like a money bar where it's written your money?
And more questions will be answered

Your support and feedback is apreciated, tell me if you understood.


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Values are super fun once you learn how to use them!