Learn how to make a great op with albus

alright, so i saw this post,

and i completely disagree with this. it does not matter about the way the whole competition is laid out. it can go with the flow!

the basic principle behind the op is to give information about a topic that otherwise might be vague.

to learn how to make a great competition, use @Nobody’s 10 tips about it!

anyways, lets get back on topic

a good op is like a presentation, and everyone’s first impression. having a very hazy op is very hard to understand, and might lead people to move away from it!

if you want to see a bad example of a presentation, click here

what was wrong with google pixel 5 presentation?

the fact that the hype was for google pixel 5, and they delayed it by 20 minutes. don’t keep people waiting for what they want, get straight to the point.


  • don’t rush the op
  • the more time you revise it, the more things you’ll find wrong with it
  • pretend that the op is an essay
  • try your best
  • ask someone else to review it for you
  • don’t try to make the op confusing at all
  • try to ask essential questions and answer them
  • give what you know about the topic
  • have the word procrastinate somewhere in the op (ok this one doesn’t matter)
  • don’t make it controversial
  • be open to suggestions!
  • have a greeting and ending, but sometimes, it works better without it
  • review your facts
  • organize!
  • don’t make it seem like a Whats//App post, but an actual well thought out essay!
  • make the OP proportional to the title
  • make it stand out, somehow
  • recheck
  • if you don’t find an error, you can confirm with yourself again
  • if still not find error, its good to go!
  • don’t tag omtl if you have your own tag group


OP 1 -

alright guys! I just wanted to say thank you for being my bestest friends, and without you guys, i would never have been able to be make this topic, anyways… what was i saying?

  • This is a good OP
  • This is not a good OP

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Answer to OP 1

This is not a good op

If you review my tips, you can clearly see that the person did not organize, and made it seems like a post, not an essay. They dragged out the concept, and made it longer than it should’ve been. They didn’t even answer their own essential questions, and didn’t state any!

OP 2 -

so you want to learn how to make a good clone background?

post banana if you see this

First, you need to assess how many clones you want to have. I usually choose 768.

You can follow this code.

When (Self) Clone Index < 768
 Create A Clone

Now, add a purple block, called “When Object is Cloned”, and follow the code below -

When Object is Cloned
 Set Position X ((Clone Index) - 2) Y (0)
Draw A Trail ( Color ) (H (clone index ÷ 12) S 100 B 100) Width 1
 Set Position X ((Clone Index) - 2) Y (768)

Thank you!

You shouldn’t find any problems, because I fact checked if it worked.
Please tell me if you find something wrong, this seemed to work with my friends though.

  • This was a good OP
  • This was not a good OP

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Answer to OP 2

This is a good OP!

This person fact checked with others and themselves, they organized and didn’t lengthen the topic somehow. They got straight to the point and actually gave a ending to it. They are open to suggestions. Follow that example!

I hope that helped you guys, if you aren’t understanding something, then you can always tell me below! I find this topic to help me writing this OP haha, so I think it works?


@wizards hello, read this


What is op?


Op is the automatic first post in a topic. I can’t explain very well, but do you understand? It’s the post you create while making a topic

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did anyone else find that?


I found that.

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post it then!!!

@Waffle did i make your day?

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that’s amazing

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not true, op is original post

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Totally did not delete the last time

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So helpful, this seems like an essay, very well thought out, follows the guidelines you set.

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OP stands for Original Post, so in this case, the first post in a topic! OP could also stand for Original Poster if you’re referring to the person who made the post and not the post itself.


Ok. Thanks!


finally someone makes a topic on this

good topic


Nice tutorial thing lol

Lol imagine the OP was this:
Hey peeps you need to make good OPs becaude thats anjoying.


thank you everyone lol

Banana :banana: :yum:

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eee you found it!

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Please do not change the title @GOATGAMES ↑ i really like the title i have

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