Learn how to make a drawingpad


Learn how to make a drawing pad


First take out a text then tap it and the add a rule will show up tap it then put when iPad I tapped then put set position last touch x and last touch y


Usually when making a tutorial you post all the pictures and text in one post all at once. But good start! I would love to know how to make one.


Then get off of that rule and make a new one make it when the iPad is pressed
Then pull out a leave a trail block tap on width and tap values then go on iPads values then tap create new value type in color then put it in color on the leave a trail block the take out the move forward thing and put set position last touch x and last touch y`



Then get out of that text and get a arrow facing right and a arrow facing left then tap on the arrow tap make a new rule and put when the left ← arrow is tapped then make pull out a set value block and put on the first blank length the second blank one do then make tap the right arrow make a rule then make when the right arrow is tapped the pull out a set value block,put in the first blank length then put in the second blank -1


How do you add a value to leave a trail


Hi, @Work_kids_coding! I'm not @Madlipsgirl, but you can put a value inside of a Leave a Trail color by:

1) Bring out a Set Value or Increase Value block.
2) For the value, use the value you want in the Leave a Trail.
3) Place the Leave a Trail underneath the value block. (Or above, just near it)
4) Drag the value from the value block carefully into the Leave a Trail.
5) If you still need the value block, you can just replace the value. Otherwise, just discard it.

Sorry I can't do screenshots :sob:! My iPad doesn't like me adding pictures :disappointed:


@CreativeCoder Thanks


Yeah, my tutorials because I can't take up space on the iPad I use.