Learn how to be a master at polls


Today I'm going to teach you how to be a master at polls

1•remember to always chose what kind of poll you want
2•remember to get a better poll make sure you allow people to see who voted
3•remember to make a poll do it landscape
4•Have fun with polls!


good job and welcome to the forum!!:smile:


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I came to the forum about 12 days ago


I know.... welcome to he forum​:grinning:


Loads of people have said!


yea it's kind of a tradition​:joy::joy:


I know!


I think there are some other topics like this.


Nice topic! Welcome to the forum!
On the forum we don't prefere to have ten of each topic, and there is already one like this... Just remember to SBYP (search before you post) before making other topics. ;)