Leapfrog Game Please Help!



Hi! I am doing a collab with PumaAnnie :crystal_ball: on Hopscotch and there is a problem. The project is based on the game Geometry Dash just with a different look. If you search the account name 'ILS Collabs! :cat:' - my collabs channel - the newest posted topic has the code and this block has to move across the screen to create a lily pad affect. When it gets to the end of the screen it stops before starting again and I don't know how to fix it.

I'm sorry about the explanation. It is really hard to explain unless you see it for yourself. Thank you for reading this and hopefully knowing how to fix it unlike me! :yum::cat:


Hi @ILoveSmudgey, I think it's because of this rule for the blue square:

When "startable" = 2
    Set invisibility to 0

so the whole time "startable" equals 2, the blue square will be visible, even when you want it to stay invisible.

To fix this, just change the rule to this:

When "startable" = 2
    Set invisibility to 0
    Repeat forever

This way, because it's waiting forever, it won't keep on being visible when you don't want it to be. I did a test and it seemed to work okay. Let me know how it goes (and if that's what you want it to do). You might also want to make the blue square Send to Back later on so it doesn't appear in front of your frog :)

I love how the game is turning out by the way! And I really like the frog megamoji. It's very cool :purple_heart: Also the idea of jumping on lily pads is awesome :frog:


Thank you soooo much T1! I knew it was something simple I just by passed. Yes, it is perfect what you have suggested and I had forgotten that I have done it in past projects. Thank you very much for taking your time to help me! :yum::cat: I love your projects by the way! They are amazing!


You're welcome :smile::smile::smile::smile::smile: Glad to help. Did it work okay?


Yes! Thank you! It is working amazing! I published the first draft and hopefully PumaAnnnie has carried on working on its backgrounds. Would you like to collab T1? You are amazing! You don't have to but I was just so impressed with all your projects like 2048. I loved them! If not, do you have a YouTube channel with Hopscotch tutorials, because I want to get into really really complex coding and you seem to be one of the main Hopscotchers that does that kind of thing (like 2048).


I just checked out the version you published and it's awesome!!

I really like the animation of the frog jumping and as I was playing, I was thinking, "hey this is really fun. Wouldn't it be cool if you added an animation of the frog splashing in the water when it hits the blue square? I'm gonna suggest that when I'm done." And then I fell in the water, and lo behold, the frog splashed! :sweat_drops::joy:

Thanks I would love to collab and you are a super awesome coder too. But unfortunately I'm not up for a collab at the moment (I haven't got much time) so I'm very sorry :( I have a YouTube account but sadly no video tutorials. But it's why I go on the forum to share tips instead :smile:

Anyway I'm excited to see the project as you continue adding onto it!