Leaked Hopscotch Characters


I found these online. It's super strange. They could possibly be future characters. Any ideas?


With some research, it seems these were all originally submitted to be characters, but only a few of them actually made it into hopscotch.


@BuildASnowman and @HappyDolphin, I been seeing so many different images of hopscotch characters that never make it into the real app it's really weird because there are like these images of them in the app when they're not in the app at all!


I really hope that @system or @Liza see this


Hmm... So These Leaked Hopscotch Characters Are On The Internet? So I See An Actual Version Of Parrot, Parrot But Standing Up, A Crocodile, A Tiger, A Flamingo, And A Lizard. Hmm... That's Quite Interesting... Maybe There New Characters Or There Old Characters. Good Post I Must Say.


Well, the parrot and banyan we currently use, and the jeep, or Jeepers, the Mandrill and the plant are in app purchases. The others probably never made it into the game, Where was the image even found? :neutral_face:


That's right BuildASnowman The Hopscotch Team made a few characters and choose only a few to be in the game(I think) I found this image


That's the strange thing about them,where did they originally come from,several websites had them.


It was in the portfolio of a graphic designer. She made a bunch of characters and Hopscotch picked the ones they wanted.


Check http://forum.gethopscotch.com/t/what-happened-to-the-characters/496?u=crazyicecream


Wow I see the old cosmic Cody!!


he looks so different!


So different
I bet it's a female:flushed:


I Hope After The New Hopscotch Beta, There Will Be A New One With The Leaked Characters.


When will the new beta be available for the testers? I am soooooo bored xD


time to find out what was in the pre-release


Do you have the newest beta?





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