Leafy's drawing topic


I made this topic so I can review my progress on drawing a day ago I learnt how to draw heads and want to improve to someday drawing manga I can't post on the drawing topic because I can never find my drawings with so many others drawings (a lot better then mine) so yea you can comment or give advice or even request a picture (maybe if it's not to hard)




girl with body - feet


Eyes and head totorial


Can some one give me a request or something I've got artists block


Do you like to draw animals? (this can be cartoony or realistic)
Can you draw a chameleon?


Ok sure give me a minute


Nice drawings but I would be better if you used the offical drawing topic.
Sorry for being a party pooper...


I was just gonna say that... I'm probably more of a party pooper for these things, so it's ok, I think...?


It's not personal I just like being able to compare my drawings for improving that's all


request done

sorry about the tail


Oh meh gosh that's is so cute! Put that on the drawing topic? It'd definitely get a ton of likes!


AHHH so adorable! The tail is great :slight_smile:


Please search before making a new topic.


This is just a topic for her to see her own growth in her art. She knew about the drawing topic.


True I do now about the drawing topic I use this to personally reflect my art on what to improve on


Yas this was a rough sketch I didn't even draw a base Thx for de compliments


I am so close to drawing MANGA


My first real attempt to draw manga

I think it's more of my own style now I look at it