Leadership Team Reporting - Questions, Concerns and Compliments

hey Jazz if we see any old topics, are we allowed to tag you or Ana to close them, or just the leaders?

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If someone wins more than one contest with a title prize, would they be able to change their custom title whenever they want? Like, from the page where you can change the regular title, u would be able to tap it and have a choice between the titles u have?

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The Leader tag will catch all of us! :sunglasses:


ah yes, okay! Thank you!

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I’m not sure! Lol! I’ll mention this to the Leads and someone will get back with you.


Hey, gotta jet! See y’all later!


see you later!

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Hey there, unfortunately it’s not possible. Only one title is available and it can be set only by admin.


Why did you delete it?


oh thank you @tankt2016!

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(Deleted this originally lol)
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I don’t understand why the leaders have been closing topics that have a solved issue.
Couldn’t others potentially add more info to the solution or ask further questions about the same topic?

And I know that sometimes the leaders close topics sometimes because they’re old but that doesn’t make much sense. I don’t think topics being old are a big problem



And I’m talking about topics that are relevant to coding, not the ones that aren’t.


Great question! There are actually a couple of different answers to this…

  • Ana has asked us to close all topics with 3+ months of irrelevant activity. This indicates that the topic is probably no longer an issue or of interest. However, if the topic is valuable to promoting the coding goals of the community, we aim to keep those archived within the categories where they’ll receive the most exposure. If you see the categories as different shelves in the library, we want you to have access to past issues as a resource to your current experience.
  • Leaving topics open for too long, sadly, becomes a temptation for users to erode the viability of relevance. Lacking Leaders for so long, many people have gotten into the habit of abusing topics. Until the community learns to respect the helpful topics, we feel it’s best to remove the temptation for the time being. This may or may not be revisited later depending on how current user practices change.
  • In a corporate environment, it is standard practice to close “tickets” on resolved issues within a time frame (3-10 days, depending on the business). This allows the user to contribute additional feedback about the effectiveness of the solution. We’re currently discussing a reasonable time to use for this forum, but until we have a firm answer, you may see us “fumble” as we wade through this new territory! Lol!

Does this help answer your question?


hi, ya’ll!! i think the new leadership system is great. :) i’m glad to see all of these people working to make the hopscotch community a better place for others to learn, create, etc.

while there will be bumps along the road, i think this forum has certainly come a long way. it makes me happy to see that. don’t take for granted all of the hard work that goes into a leadership position. everyone is trying their best. the hopscotch team has put in a lot of effort to encourage coding, creativity, and collaboration through the forum while making sure it’s a safe environment. the new leaders are doing the same. they’re taking time out of their day to help monitor a forum because they’re passionate about this community. i just think that’s cool and wanted to give props to them for that (tht and all of the leaders)



Have not seen you around here lol

And I must agree


hi! i used to be active in 2016 and 2017 (a little 2018) but as of lately i haven’t been on here much. i’ve recently been learning html and css so i thought i would pop in the hopscotch forum and see what’s up here :)

and, yeah, thank you!


No prob :))

You inspired a couple of my projects :slight_smile:


Yea that answers the question! Thank you!!


i have got billions of topics that are totally unnecessary. some of them are in deprecated. but the rest… i will need to clive them.

edit; by the way i just got regular yay