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Thank you for your response @Jazz


Hey Jazz, I was wondering why does System edit your posts sometimes?


I wasn’t aware that it did, sorry. Is there a particular post in mind? Describe the before/after? It could also be Discourse related.


So for example when I quoted GweTV’s post today, system removed that, and it has done that a few times before, for example with Fea! It lets me quote some posts, but not others…


Someone just informed me that that if you quote an entire post, system edits it out.



What does system edit the quoted posts to say?

@Ana i think we have a bug on the forum


No…I believe it’s an AI setting designed to prevent spam.


No…I believe it’s an AI setting designed to prevent spam.

(idk how well it works tbh it is very picky and I can only get it sometimes if I try to get my quote removed)


Ah okay, that makes sense

Thanks for clearing this up Jazz and Ae!


No problem :slight_smile:


If only, if only

And especially so bc i decided to be ur enemy so ofc id get less support from everyone…



It’s something only you can decide.

@Someone45356, you’ve already said you know what I’m gonna say, so I’m not going to waste your time. You were given a second chance. If you don’t really want the second chance Ana gave you, then don’t log on here again.

Otherwise, make the choices that you know need to be made. “To have a friend, you must be a friend.” That’s the real point in this challenge I started: trying to encourage kids to encourage kids.

So, the ball is in your court. What will you do with it?
Will you play by the rules? Or bash others with the ball and get pulled out of the game. Your choice.


That is one threatening comment


See it how you will. The choice is still yours.


You seem to think that what I do is a choice.

That when im sad and moody and stuff, that its all bc i felt like being sad and moody.

Its hard to control your feelings when ur body and mind tell you things that are not right, like when somebody invites you for something, or a group started, my body and mind both tell me that its bad, that its evil, that they are against me.

Why is it that I am so opposed to everything lately.

And its not that Im lazy and not trying either, but how do you expect me to deal with something not only menntal but physical? Its like a block, a fricking wall that stops my head from feeling any other way and I cant stop it until my mind feels like it isnt like that. My body hurts like heck every muscle in my chest always feels vv tense to the point where i cant think straight.

What I feel is lonely, and I try to not by being here, but my mind and body starts going haywire on every possible negative thing,then I leave, then i feel lonely again and the cycle repeats

Yknow what socks the most? That it doesnt matter what place id be in, my reactions would still be the same. Heck considering how not as nice ppl in there might be considering im a stranger, i wouldnt doubt theyd severly punish me further.

Either way, im obviously but expecting your usual response for this. You do a nice job but idk if you can see this through my perspective at all…


Vent thing thats a thing bc yeah.

My chest still pains rn and it socks.


I went to therapy already for this, nothing of what they taught me there has helped me.

3 weeks on a 5days a week program in fact

I could try to radically accept that ill be lonely forever

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You are right…you can’t control the feelings.
But you can control your actions when the feelings happen. You presume I don’t understand. I tell you these things because I do understand. I’ve been there.
(In fact, if I hadn’t learned to overcome, I’d be very hurt by your assumption.) Overcoming is possible.

The problem is that this forum isn’t the place for these discussions. So, when you are struggling with your feelings, don’t bring it here. I’m prohibited from giving specific recommendations, but Ana posted some sites in the OP of the MHealth topic that do allow such discussions.

When you’re struggling, go where someone allows you to vent and can talk you through it.
When you’re feeling better, come here. :slightly_smiling_face:


The link doesnt work,