Leadership Team Reporting - Questions, Concerns and Compliments

Hi Jazz!

I was wondering, as well as voicing complaints, are we allowed to give compliments about the leaders?


Yes, yes, yes!!! Please do!


Okay thank you!

I feel like the leaders are doing a good job with keeping the forum a civilized place, and they are taking the correct actions for when problems arise. They pretty much always is someone online to solve issues!
I feel really confident with the new leader team so far, and you can tell that they have been trained well, so thank you Jazz!


Hi @Leaders

Can you make tag lists for people?


Thank you for taking to time to share this. I will certainly make sure the team hears. :blush:


There have been discussions about custom groups returning. There are some behind-the-scenes tweaks that THT is working out first. But as soon as we hear back from them and have permission to begin, we will let the community know!! Thanks for asking!


Thank you Jazz for all of your help as well! You have been a great mentor to the leaders, and I wish you could stay! I hope everyone has been nice and kind to you!


It’s not bad to have leaders to say help explain guidelines and close unnecessary topics but the problem is they can get a bit overzealous. They don’t really trust the community to work through their own problems and aren’t helping these kids learn conflict resolution skills if they just close a topic every time things start to get choppy and “unhealthy”. Not to mention I’m not actually sure why some of them are leaders? I mean, they’re nice people and I don’t have much against them but supergirl3acer and rollerblades and t7lks and autobot beejay have not been as active members on the community as others. They’ve just popped on once or twice in the past few months and suddenly they’re qualified to manage a community they aren’t really a part of? Serenity and fea make sense and that William guy seems like an obvious choice even though he can be a bit pushy, but the rest?? I understand that they’re still like figuring out their powers but at the same time the forum wasn’t exactly in a mess before the mods. When there was a troll problem we dealt with it and reported it. We have worked through the flame wars that occurred. The leaders being here to hit a timer and close a topic at ease just feels patronizing.

(BTW, me aka StarDestr did not write this)


That’s actually a pretty good point. I think they chose leaders that we haven’t seen as often because of their experience and friendly history, even if they weren’t so popular or active.

However, I can agree with your first point a lot, but I’m sure they’ll come around some time. We can always tell them any time (well ig now works too then…), but I do feel as if they should assist others in arguments rather than closing a topic or deleting posts as a first resort. Leadership doesn’t mean act differently because you have more power


I mean, I agree that closing topics prematurely is kind of not great, I think its important to help kids through issues and teach them how to resolve things instead of closing issues before theres a chance to have them. I get why the leaders might be “overzealous” theres a lot of cool new abilities and responsibilities they get and they still have to work out how to best work with the community


Writer: Is overzealous too big of a word, I didn’t know what to say! I know you used it once and it’s the exact word I needed.


Yeah exactly, usually the control of the power comes in about 2 or 3 months in when they realize the impact of them


I also think that while we were able to deal with troll problems in the past, we didn’t always deal with them the right way, it’s more beneficial to have some authority team now. As it is a forum of children we arent really fully equipped to deal with these problems in the most rational way yet.


Writer: I kinda want to see what the leaders think about it. so I’ll tag again because I know they’re here! @leaders please read StarDestr’s post.

Writer: I think every child has to find a way to deal with a problem themself and if Leaders are just deleting posts and closing topics the child has no way of learning how to solve their own problems. When the child gets older they will be lost because Leaders restricted their ability to deal with their own problems.


While they need to learn to deal with things, the leaders are here to teach I think. Jazz being an adult with actual real world experience means shes probably going to have better solutions. Giving the Kids free reign of the forum isnt the best plan, but if the leaders are too rigid that’s another issue. So far though there havent been any major issues


Writer: yeah, I was trying to say that but I think I used the incorrect words, thank you ChickenGirl.

Writer: can I not give criticism? I thought that was what this topic was for?


I’m closing this temporarily to review the comments and respond. I want to give you respectful and honest answers…but need time to look over your complaints. Thanks!


Anytime drastic changes are made in any environment, there will be people who love the changes, people who h8 them, skeptics who wait and see, and others who don’t really care one way or the other. You all know this already. You’ve experienced such events irl, so I ask only for people to remember that changes on the forum are no different than anywhere else.

It is also fair to remind community users that the forum is a privilege, not a right. In other words, THT doesn’t even need to have the forum at all, but they chose to as a means to encourage the further development of coding using their app. For people who have been on the forum for a long time, they will know that there have been some amazing new discoveries exchanged within the “walls” of this very forum…game changers, if you will, that have expanded the horizons of what these cool little blocks can really do!

Not being employed by THT, I feel that I can fairly assess the positive influences that this forum has had on the evolution of the Hopscotch app and the people who not only use it, but have used it as a step up into other coding languages and even app or other game development for which they are earning money…all thanks to an app designed to inspire children to code.

“Yeah, whatever…” you may be asking me now. “I get that. What about…”

Alright. You’ve read my replies above, so I won’t rehash them. Not only did THT have every right to decide the guidelines for the forum they chose to open, but they also had every right to choose the leaders who are on the team. But here are some things you may not realize:

  1. in addition to the guidelines that you all know of, each one of the leaders has had to agree to abide by an additional set of guidelines. If you’re complaining about the ones posted for the community, have you considered the extra rules that your leads have to abide by?

  2. every team is comprised of people who fill different roles. This team is no exception. Part of our leadership training deals with this very aspect. There are “back office” roles and “customer facing” roles. Each of your leads is working in roles that they feel best qualified to run. This is why you don’t see all of them everywhere. How they choose to operate is a matter where they answer to Ana and me.

  3. the leaders represent a wide age range. Did you know that two of them are in college? Among the leaders, they all come from a varied range of family, educational and other backgrounds. The ability to be on the forum eight hours a day wasn’t a requirement…it was their years of experience on the forum, their willingness to uphold additional guidelines, and their desire to volunteer out of their personal time to assist with jobs assigned to them.

I find myself again imploring your patience. If this animosity continues, THT may decide on more drastic measures than simply instructing the leads to close topics or edit posts. So I ask that you consider these points seriously and decide if it will be worth it in the end?

Thanks for your time.