Leadership Team Reporting - Questions, Concerns and Compliments


I get what you are trying to say, that’s why I gave you that food for thought.

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Sorry, but I don’t eat half cooked meat.

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Duh, me neither :joy:. That’s why I finish cooking it myself.


I mean, my point was a home is very different than a public forum. You can be a shut-in and not let anyone be in your home, you can tell people to leave your home if their like pineapple on people and you don’t, you make whatever rule you want and not have masses of people complaining about it in your home.


Whose home are you talking about now? THT’s figurative home or the hopscotcher’s figurative second home? Or did I miss the point completely…

Could sombody else give their perspective on this matter?


Long post! Haven’t read the whole thing, but I definitely agree that they are at least working together to make it a better place. All I think they need is a bit of time and not to take any rude comments personally.

The leaders are doing great and if the community has any concerns, they just need to say it nicely to a leader and allow the leader to see the objective and learn. wait did that make sense



Before I respond to your rebuttal, I’m going to appeal to you to follow a simplified debate protocol so that this discussion doesn’t drag out beyond reason. You’ve made your points, I’ve made mine. You’ve given a rebuttal, now it is my turn to respond. Since I do not formally represent THT and am merely a bridge to their decisions, I will have to ask that you refrain from further debate on this matter after I reply. Whatever THT decides to do about this is fully in their hands alone and we both stand under their authority to act.

I, like you, share a desire to see people on the forum moderate themselves and behave in a manner showing respect toward others. Unlike you, however, I am willing to accept that THT, as owners of this forum, has every right to determine what behavior is considered appropriate.

I’ve read your comments about applying to be a Leader. If you genuinely were seeking to critique the leaders who were chosen, there is nothing to stop you from doing so on your own outside the forum without posting it here in a way that is contentious and divisive. But by posting it here in the manner it was done and to alienate people about it portrays a far deeper motive than a mere report. Only you know your true intentions, just be aware that the perception of your actions paints a different picture than your stated reason. If it is true that you stay because you love the community, then creating division is a curious way to prove your love.

You are entitled to your opinion, ofc, but I will continue to stand by my analogy. Even if the forum is a “second home” to some users, they still have no ownership stake in the company and, therefore, are subject to the guidelines that the “homeowners” have established. While the forum is a “public platform” in the sense that it is publicly accessible, users still have to sign up to join…and part of that sign up implies agreement to the rules. THT still owns it. They pay for the servers where the forum is housed. They pay the bandwidth to support the traffic that flows through it. That’s what ownership entails. I own my own home in real life. But even if I spent more of my time at my friend’s home rather than mine, it still gives me no real right to tell my friend how to run their own house. Share an opinion, maybe…and only if I’ve earned their respect. So my advice to you would be to earn THT’s respect first. Show your willingness to abide by the current guidelines and encourage others to do the same. Then, after you’ve proven respectful, you may get an audience to voice your concerns.

Criticism without the benefit of respect is meaningless. I know you understand this because if you respect my position here, you will accept the criticism with dignity. If I haven’t gained your respect, then nothing I’ve said will ever appeal to you.

One other note. You mentioned the need to be more explicit in the guidelines. Personally, I think most of the community users here are intelligent enough to understand them without THT having to minutely delineate every nuance of the rules they established. But in the event someone has a question, THT can handle that on an individual basis. If enough people question the same point, then perhaps a clarification is in order. I’d rather not assume that the users are too incompetent to behave respectfully.


@Yusamac205 , you understood the analogy as it was intended. I hope the clarification above solidifies this understanding. Thank you for your honest appraisal.

@Awesome_E, on behalf of your peers, I greatly appreciate your patience as everyone gets used to the adjustment. I’m glad you’re worried about how they are accepting the criticism. That is another reason why I’m here so that they can bounce any frustration off onto me instead of the community. They’ve been put in a difficult position and I am thankful that there are a few users, such as yourself, who realize this and have given their genuine encouragement. Eventually, my hope is that they can “rejoin” their peers as friends who simply have an extra job to “clean up the toyroom” for others to enjoy their time. The more that you and others offer encouragement, the sooner this will happen.


Yes. thank you Jazz.


@CoderOfMagic, Thanks for your patience with me to answer your post. I greatly appreciate it! Also, thank you for your encouragement. Since all of your Leads have been long-standing community members, I feel that they are working hard to keep the forum a helpful and memorable place for both current and future members.

Now to your comments. I totally agree with you–specially approved topics are more difficult to moderate than coding related ones. I’m uncertain that any one action would be accepted by everyone, so aside from minor changes that won’t drastically impact the integrity of the topic, all other decisions are up to THT.

Thank you for your suggestion! Again, you are absolutely correct…there may be no real way to “fix” this except to implore the community to remember that your Leads are still peers. Just as I alluded to in my explanation above, they still want to “hang out” among their peers. The only difference is that they’ve been approved for extra “house cleaning chores” to make sure that the “play room” stays clean and productive for the most number of people.

So, when you see a Leader among you, pull them into your conversation. If they have time and aren’t busy with a responsibility, they’ll enjoy knowing that you don’t look at them as if they’ve grown two heads. Lol! Some of them are more conversational than others and will open that door first, but unless you’re doing something to violate the guidelines or break common courtesy toward another user, I’m confident that your Leads are still the same people they were three weeks ago. (If anything, some people are shunning them for having more work to do, so think about how much harder that makes their job. But that’s just my observation.)

Thank you for your genuine question and suggestion! I hope that helps somewhat?


This helps immensely.


@Jazz why did you make the rule that all posts must be in English unless you give the translation? I am concerned that there are users on this forum who can’t speak English and must post in some language like Bulgarian or Somali. I know that kind of thing is rare, but it is still a possibility. Some of the new leaders who don’t understand these people being unable to speak English would instantly edit them to the English translation, which would cause those people to not understand what they were saying, and then they would have to continue to do this so other people understood what they were saying. There could be a misunderstanding about those people not being able to speak English at all, so something bad could happen.

Remember, there are people who can’t speak English, so I think it would have been smarter for you to think twice before making that rule. It could be very frustrating to those kinds of people.

In short, why did you make the rule that all posts without translations be in English?


Jazz didn’t make it, she’s a leader, and only admins can make rules.
It’s for making sure everything is plain and clean
Translate through google and other methods don’t always provide the best translation


@CoderOfMagic is correct. The guidelines are established by THT and my role is to train and support your Leads in understanding and adhering to those guidelines throughout the forum. They, in turn, will remind the community of those rules to provide the best support for the Hopscotch App.

It may help you to know that THT is comprised of people who are multilingual, so they, of all people understand exactly why they’ve made this decision.

I hope this helps?


Right lol. U tend to give vv repetitive responses due to lack of knowledge on the actual reasons why the rules are the way they are lol

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It did help, but not enough. I know that there are multilingual people (take @William04GamerA for example) who are able to communicate in English, but some multilingual people might have studied some language besides English, and it’s not going to make them be able to communicate with others (particularly English-speakers) if they join the forum. I know this is only possible if the original and studied languages would be Spanish and Chinese (simplified) if they were a Hopscotch user, but who knows how many people out there who either speak only one language or are multilingual in which none of those languages are English. If they joined the forum, they would have to communicate in the languages they speak (it’s okay for it to be ones besides Spanish and Chinese if they don’t have Hopscotch accounts), which of course would have to be translated by English-speakers, which would cause the leaders to edit them to their English translation. Like I said above, they would not understand what their post said, and they’d have to edit that post and try again, but then it’s possible that this kind of thing can continue to happen until they are punished severely. Due to all these reasons, I am not sure it’s going to go well. I know the reason it was made had to do with tidiness, but I am concerned about people who might join this forum one day who would possibly (now or then) be illiterate when it comes to speaking English.

I’m sorry, but I am just explaining my thought process to the best of my ability.

Please don’t dislike me for this…


Thanks! I appreciate your understanding of the situation! Lol!


No problem @Cocoa_Viola, you have an honest concern and I respect that. I just have no say in the matter. Since English is the predominant language on a global scale, they made the decision to restrict the forum to its use. If you have any further concerns, you could send your request to hello@gethopscotch.com


I understand, @Jazz. Thank you for your help.


To the best that I am able, I shall. Thank you for your consideration and for taking the time to voice your concern. :slightly_smiling_face: